Sean Scotese

After six months of testing, we are now set to open our foodie community to the world. To release our english version properly, we’ve been searching for a cool chef to showcase. We’ve immediately fitted with Sean’s spirit and cuisine : generous, simple and subtle at the same time. 

He has kindly accepted to share with us a recipe that’s connected to his childhood, back to where everything started : in his italian grandmother’s kitchen.

She introduced him to fennel and oranges with lots of black pepper and olive oil growing up and here’s his version of that :

Fennel & blood orange salad with marcona almonds and parmesan


Read on to learn more about Sean and his love of food.

What made you want to become a cook ?

I have always enjoyed spending time in the kitchen with my mother and grandmother, especially as a child. Once I found out that you could actually get paid to make meatballs I knew I had found my career.

Tell us your best souvenir about cooking ?

I think the best part about cooking is that everyone needs to eat! We serve a super basic, fundamental role in the big picture but it is very gratifying work. Whether at home with friends or at a restaurant, it’s always nice to make something for another person to enjoy.

How do you get your daily inspiration ?

Lately I have been inspired by the everyday pleasures of various culinary landscapes. Lots of people want lobster and caviar for their last meal, but just as many want a sandwich or dumplings. Fancy & expensive doesn’t automatically translate to better. Ultimately I just want to make food that really satisfies.

What did you learn from the Chopped TV show ?

Chopped was a great experience, really fun to be a part of. One thing I learned is that it’s dangerous to make Coconut & Candied Ham Summer Rolls for dessert in a $50,000 competition..

We’ve heard you were about to open a new restaurant in NY. Tell us more!

We are currently in the process of opening a Chinese hot pot restaurant, Ghost Street. Our main focus there will be hot pot but we will also have a menu of cooked dishes and roast meats for anyone who is scared of chili’s. We are very excited to get started and can’t wait to make this happen!

Any other projects in mind ?

No other projects as of now, just trying to get Ghost Street open ASAP!



We thank Sean a lot for his early support.

See you on Youmiam.


Certains le savent sûrement déjà, et d’autres n’ont peut-être pas vu passer l’info, demain est un grand jour dans l’histoire de Youmiam. Après des mois d’essais et une motivation inébranlable, nous ouvrons enfin notre communauté de passionnés de cuisine au reste du monde grâce à une version anglophone.

Toujours à l’affût de conseils avisés et à l’écoute d’experts du monde culinaire, c’est dans ce contexte que nous avons eu la chance de rencontrer Sean Scotese, un chef subtile et généreux avec qui le courant est tout de suite passé. C’est ainsi qu’il partage avec nous aujourd’hui sa recette de fenouils et d’oranges sanguines qu’ils puisse dans ses souvenirs d’enfance, lorsque sa grand-mère les préparait à l’italienne: un généreux coup de moulin à poivre et de l’huile d’olive.

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